About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog! 

My name is Trisha Pranjivan Tailor and I am a  paediatric speech-language pathologist/therapist.  

After growing up in the beautiful city of Vancouver, my life suddenly became a whirlwind of learning, working and travelling when I began the MSc program for Speech and Language Pathology in Edmonton, Alberta.  

I finished my masters in Edmonton, got engaged to the love of my life in Toronto, began working in Vancouver, got married in Cancun, Mexico and now I'm living with my wonderful British husband in the exciting city of London, England!  


I decided to start this blog because of the unique experience that I'm currently in - a Canadian trained Speech and Language Pathologist now working as a British Speech and Language Therapist.  

After moving to the land of the Queen, I was lucky enough to land an amazing job for a private company in London, working in their clinic two days a week and in schools 3 days a week.  

This blog will follow my experiences as I try and navigate the crazy world of Speech of Language as a relatively new graduate working in the non-rhotic land of England!  (Man I miss those /r/s!)

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