Who can say 'no' to freebies!?  Not me!  And you clicked the button so I'm guessing not you...
Click on titles below to download these products for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Speech vs Language:  A handout for parents and/or teaching staff describing the difference between 'speech' and 'language.'  Read more on this topic.  

Speech Sound Development:  An attractive printable indicating the range of ages that each speech sound develops.  Use it as a reference for yourself or to give to parents!  Read more about speech sound development.

Information Carrying Words:  A handout for parents and/or teaching staff describing what Information Carrying Words (ICWs) are and giving examples of instructions containing different numbers of ICWs.  Read more about ICWs. 

Let's Learn About Animals: Free Version: A NO PRINT interactive PDF that can be used on the iPad or any other tablet.  It was created in order to teach young children about zoo and farm animals and also work on the skills of categorising and reasoning.  This product has the feel of an app and children will love the cause and effect nature of touching the screen and receiving instant feedback about their answers.  Please note that this product can not be used as a printable and must only be purchased if you have access to an iPad or tablet.  This is the free version of a full (paid) product.  If you enjoy this demo, you can download the full version here. 

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